By Carol Sims, California

Recently I was in my front yard discussing bush removal with Tom, my landscaper. I happened to glance between our house and the one next door and saw a beautiful white hen.

We live in an older neighborhood of 1960s ranch houses, built only ten feet apart. To get to the space where I could see the hen from my front yard, she had to fly over the six-foot backyard fence and work her way through a couple of wires and a bunch of thorny bushes.

Just when I spotted “Nugget,” my neighbor came out his front door. “Mike, one of your chickens is between our houses!” I shouted.

He explained that they’d had trouble with their coop. No matter what they did, a raccoon kept breaking in. This was the last chicken from a flock of six. Even though Mike had repaired the coop each time, the raccoon kept getting in. Poor Nugget must have been terrified.


The Search for Nugget’s New Home

I asked Mike’s wife, Aleena, if she wanted to find a new home for the hen, and she was grateful for the help. Then I went into my house and started texting friends. “Do you know someone who could adopt a chicken?”

At first, I couldn’t find anyone. My animal-rescue friend Kristy, other friends, and I continued searching.

Finally, our friend Christine said she was happy to drive sixty miles from her farm in Hesperia and pick up Nugget the next day. What a golden heart!

Aleena was delighted we’d found a safe new place for Nugget. She made arrangements to keep her in the garage that night, secure from the neighborhood masked raider. At noon the next day, Nugget was on her way to her new forever home.

By that evening we were all so happy to hear that Nugget had fit in immediately and even had a new hen pal who was also white and was showing her the ropes.



Nugget, far left, at her new farm home.

When I heard how perfect her new home was, I realized it had been more than a happy coincidence that I saw Nugget that day! I believe she actively sought me out for help. She didn’t dare come into my backyard, because my dogs, Lady and Razz, might not have recognized her as a friend. She risked life and wing to get to a spot where I would see her. For me, this was such a good example of how God helps Souls who help themselves.

Then another amazing thing dawned on me: Divine Spirit had orchestrated Mike’s coming out of his house at that exact, right moment so he could explain the situation.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t miss Nugget’s plea for help. I am honored to have been one of the vehicles who assisted in her life-changing adventure. I hope I always have my antennae up for opportunities to be of service to other Souls in need.





—Photos by Christine Christie