By Aubrey Forbes, Minnesota

The Loon calls across

The still surface of Lake Wisdom.


Fishes in the deep do not stir.

Let the sound wash over you,


Watch it move across the surface

Rippling the feathers of ducks and seagulls.


Let it stir your insides into a frenzy for wisdom.

Contemplation: The Purifying Sound

from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, by Harold Klemp

Close your eyes and look to the Spiritual Eye. Sing HU, an old and secret name for God. It is one of the most powerful words for spiritual upliftment that I can give you.

As you sing HU, listen for the Sound. The Sound may be heard in any number of different ways. It can be like the sound of a train going by, a bird, buzzing bees, sometimes a flute, or even guitars. The way you hear It just depends on where you are.

These sounds are the action of the Holy Spirit, the ECK, as Its atoms vibrate in the invisible worlds. The Sound you hear is the vibration at the particular level to which you are attuned at the time.

Imagine the Sound purifying you, removing the impurities of Soul. It will bring you an understanding of how your actions have caused your problems. It will also give you an indication of what you can do to unfold and how to figure out the way to do things right.