By Harold Klemp

Wilton, a retired man from Auckland, New Zealand, reported the case of Tiddles, his cat, saving a bird. The story runs like this:

One morning, Wilton heard a loud bang. A blackbird had crashed into a glass panel on his patio. It’d fallen to the seat beneath the window, where it lay stunned. Just that fast, Tiddles was at the scene. Yet she didn’t pounce on this blackbird but watched Wilton trying to get it to drink water from a saucer, though without success.

Wilton went inside to get a dropper.

When he returned, an amazing sight greeted his eyes. Tiddles was feeding water to the bird. Her method was inspired.

She’d put her head in the saucer and would lap twice. Then she’d put her dripping mouth to the blackbird’s beak, licking it with her tongue. Slowly the bird began to revive. Tiddles watched over it for nearly an hour, at which time it’d gathered its strength and could fly to a low fence. Then it rejoined its mate in a tree, where they’d nested the summer long. It was an amazing sight, indeed.

Dogs, cats, birds, butterflies, guinea pigs, horses, fish, you, and every other living thing are Soul. There are always a few bright lights among the many dim ones to bring us comfort and joy.

Excerpted from “Like You, All God’s Creatures Are Soul Too” by Sri Harold Klemp, 2006 Eckankar Journal.