By Sri Harold Klemp

One day an initiate [member of Eckankar] in Texas realized that he really didn’t know much about divine love. So in his contemplation he asked the Mahanta, this inner side of myself, “Show me divine love.”

Suddenly his dog walked up and licked him on the face.

It startled him. He was doing his spiritual exercises, and he had his eyes shut, trying to be very spiritual, asking a very important question, when his sweet dog walks up and washes his face. The dog had never done this before.

The man admits he’s a very slow learner; he has a lot of doubts. For a while after this he wondered, Was it a coincidence that the dog picked just this time to lick my face for the first time? But it kept happening. In fact, his sweet dog friend walks up and washes his face for him every time he sits down to do his spiritual exercises.

This is how the Holy Spirit is bringing him the knowledge of what divine love is.

Divine Love for Pets

People feel it’s OK for God to love them, and for them to love God. And if you have pets, you may know divine love is shared between you. But other people, who don’t have pets and don’t understand about divine love, might say, “Pets are pets. You like your pets, but you certainly would never call a person’s love for a pet divine love. Are you kidding? Divine love for a dog, a cat, a bird?”

Divine love is something that is shared. In the same way it comes from God to people, it is shared from people to people, from people to pets, and from pets to people. It works very simply. Divine love doesn’t have the barriers that the human mind makes.

God’s love doesn’t make divisions or separations like this, but the human mind does.

Excerpted from The Slow Burning Love of God, by Sri Harold Klemp