By Harold Klemp

A young African woman was going to school with a friend’s family. As they were driving along, suddenly, in the middle of the road, they saw a dog. It was just sitting in the middle of the road; it wouldn’t move.

This woman had an interesting description of the dog. She described it as “a dog crying bitterly.” In Africa this is a bad omen. She got out of the car and went up to the dog. “Pal, what’s the matter?” she said. “Why are you crying so bitterly?”

The dog ran to the edge of the road and looked back as if waiting for her to follow. So she followed. And then the dog stopped again. She came up to the dog, and he began to cry some more. The woman petted him and said again, “Why do you cry so bitterly? Everything’ll be all right.”

But the dog got up again and ran off into the forest alongside the road. So the woman followed the dog into the forest.

Following the Dog

By this time, the other people were tired of waiting for her. When she looked back at the car, they were just driving away. So the woman followed the dog farther into the forest until they came to a very deep ditch. When she looked over the edge, she saw that a car had gone over the edge. Looking down, she could see there was a young man inside, and he was injured. The dog and the young man had a strong inner connection.

How do I get this person out of here? And, first of all, how do I get down the side of the ditch? the woman wondered.

So she began to chant HU, because this is a way to get in touch with the Inner Master. If you need help or protection, sing this name for God. Chant HU. So she sang HU. And for some strange reason, when she turned around, next to her she saw a ladder.

Just the thing you’d expect in an African forest. A ladder.

The woman got the ladder and climbed down into the ditch. Next she wondered how to get the car door open. She needed to tilt the car a little, and she also needed someone to get help for the injured man. So she chanted HU again.

About this time, a young man came walking past—which was highly unusual because this part of the forest was way off the beaten path. The woman said to the young man, “Can you go for help?” As the young man spoke to her, agreeing to get help and asking if he could do anything else, she noticed, through her own inner hearing, that the word HU was coming out of his mouth too. She could see a light shining around his Spiritual Eye at the center of the forehead. When she saw the light, she realized that the Inner Master had sent this person.

In a very short time, the ambulance came, and they were able to get the injured person out of the wreck and to a hospital.

Healing from HU

This young woman was interested in the injured man’s condition, so during the following week she went to the hospital several times to make sure that he would be OK. One time he was well enough to talk, and he asked her about a number of things. Eventually she told him about the teachings of ECK.

The man’s arms had been damaged in the accident, and the doctors felt that he would probably never be able to straighten them again. So the man asked the ECKist, “What can I do to help myself? What can I do for a healing?”

“Well, you could try chanting HU because this will open up your inner connection to the divine healing power,” she said. “And if you are to have a healing, perhaps this will help.” Within two days, the man’s arms had healed.

The parents of this young man were waiting to meet the ECKist the next time she visited. One of the hospital people said, “His family is here to see you.” The family all came running up to her and hugged her. They were so grateful that she had found him in that ditch in the forest, because his chances of being found there were very slim. He was seriously injured and likely would not have survived—but she had listened to the dog and the dog had led her to the ditch in the forest.

A Connection with Divine Love

The woman had compassion because of her connection with divine love. She had realized that this Soul, the dog, had a problem. It was trying to get help for the young man. So the woman listened and followed the dog into the forest.

Because she had done this, she came upon the scene of the accident, and she was able to take advantage of another benefit that the ECK, or Divine Spirit, brought—the young man walking past who could go for help. And because of this, the injured person could get to the hospital where he was able to receive care and begin the healing process.

Excerpted from How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12, by Harold Klemp.