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Harold Klemp

Sri Harold Klemp is a living spiritual teacher, guide, and Master. He teaches about every dimension of the spiritual life. Love shines through his stories and insights about the true nature of Soul. He is the featured columnist for the Animals Are Soul blog.

Harold Klemp’s groundbreaking book Animals Are Soul Too! features spiritual gems about blessings of human-animal relationships. He writes, “Our pets understand us far better than we think. Wrapped up in our daily concerns, we often don’t see what we need to do to stay in harmony with the world around us—but they do.”

Growing up in a Wisconsin farming community with cows, barnyard cats, dogs, and a variety of country creatures gave him practical experience with the often hidden world of animals. Later in life, from the window near his writing desk, he observed animals in nature. He met neighborhood pets on his walks. Animals often became his inspiration and models for presenting spiritual principles.

After attending divinity school Harold Klemp continued his search for truth. Autobiography of a Modern Prophet chronicles his journey from orthodox religion to being known today as a pioneer of “everyday spirituality.” As the Living ECK Master, he is the current leader in a long line of spiritual adepts stretching throughout history, touching every culture of the world.

Each year, he speaks to thousands at Eckankar seminars. Using a storytelling style, he helps people take a closer look at what can help them achieve their highest goals in life. His sense of humor delights audiences as he speaks about a breadth of topics, including how animal behavior mirrors human foibles.

He is an award-winning author of more than a hundred books, many of which have been translated into more than twenty languages. For over three decades, he has continued to produce inspiring spiritual-study discourses, books, articles, stories, and videos. His mission is to help people find greater spiritual freedom, wisdom, and love in their lives.

A Spiritual Master Helps a Veterinarian

A Spiritual Master Helps a Veterinarian

By Harold Klemp

This is a story about a vet, a cat, and Prajapati, an ECK Master who takes a special interest in animals. Our story begins with “Mike.” He’s a young man. He was riding his bike down on the beach, and there he saw a surfboard. Nobody was around, so he took it home, got on the Internet, and went to a site that specializes in help wanted and lost items. He put a notice up—”Found: A surfboard.”

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