By Sri Harold Klemp

A woman kept a kennel for cats. People who were going on vacation brought their cats, and she took care of them. She loved cats and built very big cages for them. Her business cards had mottoes like “We love cats” or “Love is everything.”

The kennel gave the cats a lot of space and a lot of freedom. The cats were happy; they were happy to go home when their owners came back, or they would have been happy to stay. Life was pretty good for the cats.

Except for one cat named Busy. Busy was a good cat. But whenever the kennel owner would walk out of the room, Busy would begin to cry.

Cats can really make a racket if they decide to cry, like some people crying to God. No one could stand it when Busy cried and cried and cried.

By about the fifth day, her roommates were going crazy with the noise. They’d go out to eat just to have some peace and quiet. Everyone was losing their sanity, and they didn’t have much love left.

The kennel owner began to be very angry at Busy. The crying cat was destroying the love and harmony that had been in the kennel.

What to Do about the Crying?

Finally the woman turned the situation over to the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Inner Master in ECK, the inner side of myself. “Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, I can’t do anything,” she said. “If you or any of the ECK Masters can help, please do something. The cat’s driving me out of my mind.”

That night, the kennel owner had a dream. In her dream she saw Prajapati, the ECK Master who takes a special interest in animals. Prajapati came up to Busy, picked up the cat, and began petting it.

As he petted the cat, a golden heart appeared on Busy’s chest. Busy loved the attention and quieted down.

Soon other ECK Masters appeared in the woman’s dream. Busy was happily running back and forth from one ECK Master to another, enjoying all the attention and petting.

A Walk with an ECK Master

Rebazar Tarzs, an ECK Master who used to serve in Tibet, picked Busy up. “Busy, let’s go for a little walk,” he said. And he took the cat to a dark cave that was nearby.

When they came to the entrance, the ECK Master said, “Busy, this is a cave, and we’re going to go inside. It’s very important for you to see and understand what this cave means to you.” They walked inside and saw a deep pit.

Rebazar explained that the cat had walked by such a pit on the physical plane in a previous life, fallen into it, and cried to get out. No one could hear its cries deep in the cave. So the cat had perished.

This terror had stayed with the cat into this present life.

It was the source of Busy’s fear of being left alone. As Rebazar explained it to the cat, the golden heart on Busy’s chest began to shine, casting light around them.

“How would you like to explore the cave?” Rebazar asked the cat. In other words, explore the source of your fear.

Busy became like an ordinary cat, very inquisitive. They walked through the cave, and the Light of God came through the golden heart and lit up the pitfalls, holes, and other dangers.

An Inner Healing

The next morning, when the woman went to see Busy in the kennel, the cat was quiet. She had seen in her dream what happened to the cat on the inner planes. And from that time on, Busy never had the crying problem again.

Truth reveals itself through the Light and Sound of God. Whether it comes to an animal, to you, or to someone else, it fills your heart with love. And when your heart is full of love, what room is there for fear?

Excerpted from Animals Are Souls Too! by Sri Harold Klemp