By Harold Klemp

Will Rogers was a comedian during the early twentieth century. He once said, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

That was his opinion, and it was interesting that he was so far ahead of his time. Because today, people are wondering, Are cats and dogs and goldfish and all kinds of pretty little birds going to be in heaven too?

Somehow the standard version of heaven is that all these won’t be there. And people wonder, What kind of place is this going to be?

I don’t know. But in the ECK heaven, all these are there too, so don’t worry.

Love comes down from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Voice of God. It comes from the Divine Being, whatever you want to call the Creator. We call It Sugmad.

This love comes down, and It sustains all life. This love is the Voice of God, the Holy Spirit. And it is actually this Voice of God that maintains and sustains the lower worlds. It is pure love, and this love is not the domain of humans only, but also of animals.


Excerpted from The Master’s Talks in A Year of Creativity—2009–10.