By Harold Klemp

This is a story about a vet, a cat, and Prajapati, an ECK Master who takes a special interest in animals.

Our story begins with “Mike.” He’s a young man. He was riding his bike down on the beach, and there he saw a surfboard. Nobody was around, so he took it home, got on the Internet, and went to a site that specializes in help wanted and lost items. He put a notice up—”Found: A surfboard.”

A little bit later, he got a call from a veterinarian. He identified his surfboard, and they made arrangements. So Mike took the surfboard over to this veterinarian, whom we’ll call “Doctor Ken.” Doctor Ken said to Mike, “If your family ever has need of my services, I’ll give you a discount.”

Not long after this, the family cat became very ill. They remembered the offer from this vet. So they took the cat, Simba, to him. When the doctor came in, he looked at the cat and said, “This cat is very sick.” He didn’t need to do a whole lot of poking and prodding to see the cat was hurting here, there, and everywhere.

Doctor Ken said, “I’m one of the very few vets who practices energy medicine.”

This sort of energy medicine is sometimes called remote treatment, which may be offered by a chiropractor or some other healer. It’s very effective but it takes a certain kind of patient. I think cats are very open to this sort of thing because it’s energy, and cats are very sensitive to energies.

While Simba was being treated, Mike’s father told Dr. Ken all about the ECK Master Prajapati.

The next day, Mike’s mother, “Ann,” came to visit Simba. She saw that the cat was in terrible condition, and she began to cry.

When Doctor Ken came into the room, he started asking all kinds of questions about Prajapati. Then he went on to describe him. He said, “Prajapati came to me in a dream last night. Don’t worry. He said everything is going to be OK.”

Three days later, Ann went back to the veterinarian. The doctor said, “I’ve got the blood-test results. But before I call them up on the computer, I want to make sure Prajapati is here.” He wanted to go into contemplation, shut his eyes, and be assured that the ECK Master was present. So Ann shut her eyes, and she began to sing HU, our love song to God. At the same time, Doctor Ken called on Prajapati.

After a bit, Dr. Ken opened his eyes and said, “He’s here. My skin is tingling. I can feel him. Can you feel him?”

Ann said, “Yes, he’s here.”

Then the doctor turned around, faced the computer, booted it up, and got the results. Finally, he turned back around with a big smile on his face, and he said, “The blood tests are all OK. Everything’s normal. You can take Simba home.”

The spiritual lesson here is that love is so strong that it can reach out through the Divine Spirit, the ECK.

I mentioned an ECK Master. It means a Master who is well attuned to the Holy Spirit. This love had come from the Holy Spirit, through the ECK Master Prajapati, to take care of one of the least of Its own. And this is how life is.


Excerpted from The Master’s Talks in A Year of Creativity—2009-10.