By Janet Starr, Missouri

I was looking out the window of my home one summer morning, wondering why I always reacted a certain way to a particular situation. Suddenly I saw a very large woodpecker fly to the tree in my backyard. He began to loudly peck at a branch and was tearing apart the limb. Very quickly, I got the message: I needed to stop allowing my mind to peck on this situation. It was hindering my spiritual growth.

Soon I noticed a blue flash in front of me. I blinked in amazement. Missouri’s state bird is the eastern bluebird. For me, seeing a bluebird is a very rare occurrence. I used to see them on the farm where I grew up, because they like open fields. Now a bluebird had arrived here, in my small backyard with its little fountain. As with the woodpecker a moment ago, I knew the little bluebird was also delivering a spiritual message.

When I put my attention on what seeing the bluebird could mean, another bluebird flew into the yard. Then another. Now there were three of them. I felt joy and love building inside of me. I had the playfulness to say, “Well, if one more comes, then I know this is a gift of the Light and Sound, the ECK.” More arrived, until there were six bluebirds drinking and playing in the fountain. I felt excited and grateful to receive this gift.

The bluebirds were there to remind me to sing HU when this particular situation arose again, and to let my long-held attitude and concerns fly away. For me, singing HU as a love song to God opens my heart so that I can soar above the things that hold me back spiritually. The bluebirds’ beauty showed me how beautiful and truly loved I am as Soul.

The gift of the bluebirds went straight to my heart. It will remain there forever.