By Amanda van Kammen, Germany

My family and I decided to spend our autumn holidays in the Caribbean. This vacation was a dream come true. I immediately loved the island, with its sunlight, nature settings, and friendly local people. Almost immediately when I walked around the island, I started recalling memories of a past life there.

During this vacation we made a trip to a slave museum, not only out of curiosity, but also out of respect and sympathy for those Africans who were traded and enslaved for so many centuries. At one point our tour guide explained the daily routine of the female slaves who did the laundry. The moment the young guide started singing, in a clear beautiful voice, the special song the slave women sang, I could see my own past life in my inner vision.

I was once again a young, beautiful African woman. I could feel the sun on my dark skin, hear the sound of the waves, and smell the salty breeze. Singing this song while working with the other women had been the only time I’d felt happy and free. Now I understood why I’d always wanted to visit the Caribbean and why I had closed off a certain place in my heart. It was an experience in burning off karma from a past life.

Another Life

What I most loved in the Caribbean was the ocean life. The water world was beautiful, peaceful, colorful, and full of life. It also felt a bit frightening to snorkel with barracudas and other strange fish, water snakes, and a wide variety of sea life.

I made two rules for my protection and to overcome fear while in the deep waters. First, I would sing HU quietly to myself constantly. HU is the ancient love song to God. It is a sacred sound which brings comfort, peace, calm, release of fears, and protection. The second rule would be not to touch anything—no fish, coral, plant, or sand. Nothing. I did not want to disturb nor annoy the natural habitats.

During the whole vacation those two rules worked fine for me. I had several encounters with poisonous fishes and even a stingray, but nothing happened. I believe it was because of my silent HU. During all the time I swam in the ocean, there was harmonious interaction between the animals and me.

A Soul-to-Soul Connection

On the last day of this enriching holiday, I made a last, special, farewell dive. As I swam into the water and snorkeled to my favorite coral reef, singing HU in silence, I noticed there were no fishes to be seen. None. I was confused. Then, as I looked to either side, surprisingly I saw many beautiful, tropical fishes escorting me, arrayed along the full length of my body on both right and left. Somehow, I found myself in the middle of a yellowish, bluish, purplish, and silvery school of fish.

In front of me I saw a nice, small, gray angelfish, as big as a child’s hand, swimming directly toward me. The little fellow drew closer and was about to make me break my rule number two—to never to touch anything. This fish was very stubborn. He aimed for my hand, and I frantically tried to avoid him.

I automatically started to inwardly sing HU louder to increase my awareness of the divine protection from the Mahanta, my inner spiritual guide, also known as Wah Z. The angel fish drew even closer. We were face-to-face. With my body still surrounded by the other fishes, he looked me straight in the eye.

Suddenly I heard a voice inside me asking, “What is that sound?”

I was perplexed. Was this fish talking to me? I could hear his voice somewhere deep inside my body—in that special, sacred part where I am, as Soul.

I knew this was a Soul-to-Soul connection. Since my childhood I’ve always been convinced that animals are Soul too, but in this moment the words became real. I felt it.

I looked into the fish’s eyes and answered inwardly, “It’s the HU.”

This little gray angelfish, staying in the spot directly in front of my face and waving his little fins, said joyfully, “Oh, that! I know it. I know that sound.”

I was flabbergasted. This fish knew that sound. He could not only hear my silent HU; he also recognized the sound.

My Questions for the Mahanta

Instantly a pure white light penetrated the water. I looked up and saw the world as it was: me, under the clear-line border of the water’s surface with this special fish, and the world above us with the sun and the sky.

I asked the Mahanta, “What is this?”

Wah Z answered: “As in the inner, as in the outer.”

The Mahanta’s answer filled me with a divine feeling beyond words.

“What’s with the fish?” I asked the Mahanta. “The escort, especially this little gray fellow coming up to me, wanting to touch me, looking into my eyes and asking this Soul-to-Soul question? What is all this?”

The Mahanta’s most sincere, most beautiful answer touched my heart: “It’s love in perfection.” Truly, I knew it was love in perfection. As Soul, I could actually feel it. As in the inner, as in the outer.

I thank the ECK, the Holy Spirit, for a divine experience with an amazing, curious little gray angelfish. I’ll never forget this Soul friend or all he taught me.