By Kathi Jacobson, Alberta, Canada

One beautiful summer evening, I went for a walk around our farm. Out loud I sang HU, an ancient chant that I learned about in Eckankar. Singing HU is a spiritual exercise I like to do each day. When I sing HU, I feel at peace, knowing I am surrounded by God’s love and protection.

Since animals are Souls, I wondered if any of the cattle on the farm would recognize this love song to God. I decided to experiment by leaning on the fence of the pen and singing HU for the cattle.

Approximately two hundred steers were in this pen. There were no cows (females who have had one or more calves), only male steers. As I sang HU, all the cattle turned toward me. They only watched. None of them moved.

Then, out from the middle of the pen, one steer pushed his way through the herd to stand in front of me. He watched me intently. When he turned his head, I could see his ear tag. It had the number “001” on it. That fit. HU, this sound of love, truly is Number One. Perhaps this Soul remembered the sound of HU from the inner worlds. Perhaps he was drawn to the love HU conveys.

The next evening, I again sang HU to the same pen of cattle. Again, the steer tagged “001” moved to the front of the herd to look at me and listen to the sound of divine love.

For me, the experience of only one out of hundreds of animals responding was a sign from the Holy Spirit, the ECK. It brought to my attention that singing HU is very important. In fact, it is the number-one thing to do.

The herd of steers helped me realize that spiritual freedom means not all Souls that hear this sound will be drawn to it. But even though not all Souls are ready to hear what HU can do for them, for one in a herd of many, hearing this sacred love song can bring blessings of love, peace, and richness in living.

—First photo by Crary Brouhard and second photo by Kathi Jacobson


Contemplation Seed

Have you sung HU with an animal? What happened?