By Peter Akpokodje, Lagos, Nigeria

Recently I have been thinking about the reason we exist in this world. I kept the thought lightly on my mind. I wondered, What is love? What is my purpose?

I attended an online spiritual study class organized by Eckankar, where a friend of mine mentioned that we express love by giving service to life, in one way or another. That immediately struck a chord in my heart. It was a Golden-tongued Wisdom, an intuitive nudge, for it was just what I needed to give me an insight into what had been on my mind. His words made perfect sense.

The message had further impact when I awoke in the middle of the night a few hours after the class. Our family’s dog, Diva, a Lhasa apso, was barking outside. Diva is a devoted family member who never lets her size limit her love.

When I heard Diva barking, my mind was quick to assume it was the usual: the neighbor’s cat had come for her nightly tussle with our dog. But my wife, Jaiye, woke up and asked me to check on Diva.

Indeed, the barking continued and felt like a calling for me to help. I went outside and saw her water bowl was upside down and empty.

Diva was super excited to see me—wagging her tail, jumping about. This was before I had even gotten to the tap to refill her bowl with fresh water. She drank and drank. While I observed her, I suddenly thought, Could divine love be just this? That we give service where it’s needed?

I realized the Holy Spirit uses each one of us to do sometimes big but often simple acts of love. We only need to listen with our hearts to catch the opportunity. And the bark of a thirsty dog is a way for Souls like Diva, my wife, and me to communicate and understand. In time and with love, the mind accepts that it all comes back to love.

—Photos by Peter Akpokodje


A Contemplation Seed

You are invited to reflect on the spiritual messages in this story by contemplating on this passage from Touching the Face of God, by Sri Harold Klemp:

Spirit will work with each person, with each one of you, in a way that is right for you.