By Angela Towler, United Kingdom

I live in the United Kingdom and had traveled to London with my husband for a day. I don’t go there very often but occasionally like to visit the art galleries. After a good day out, it soon was time for our train journey home via the underground train to Paddington Station in London.

We walked to the nearest underground station and found the platform crowded with weary tourists and commuters. A voice over the loudspeaker announced that the line we needed to take had been closed due to an incident. This meant people had to find alternative routes to continue their journeys.

Prior to the announcement of the line closure, the platform had been quite relaxed, as everyone was expecting their journey to be straightforward. Now people anxiously checked their watches and train timetables and made hurried phone calls. More people were arriving onto the platform all the time, and the atmosphere grew tense and filled with apprehension.

A Love Dog Arrives

I noticed a young woman and her dog as they walked down the concrete staircase onto the platform. On this cold and blustery day, the woman was wrapped up warmly. Of medium size, the dog had a rough, rusty-brown, short-haired coat. He looked like an easy going, remarkably relaxed sort of a chap and seemed at home in the busy station. The pair found a clear little space, and the dog sat quietly at the woman’s feet, watching the world go by with keen, intelligent eyes.

I have a dog and know what beautiful Souls they can be, so I watched to see what might happen. A railway worker in his high-visibility, fluorescent-green jacket was the first to pass by the woman and dog. He stopped to pet the dog, who gracefully accepted this human’s love and affection.

I was amazed to see that every single person who passed by petted the dog. Some stooped down to say hello. Many went out of their way to approach him. This Soul quickly became a haven of love for the unhappy humans around him.

Although the dog was not much to look at, being of no particularly impressive breed or bearing, his eyes radiated pure love. A calmness emanated from him and settled over the tired and stressed travelers. Anyone who travels on public transport regularly in a large and busy city will know how unusual it was to see people around the dog gradually relaxing and chatting with one another.

The Dog’s Service Continues

In due course our train arrived, and we got into the same carriage as the dog and his human companion. One by one, the people in our compartment met this special Soul as he gently and slowly made his way among us, offering his love as he went. Tourists smiled and chatted in different languages. Shy children came forward, encouraged by their caregivers to approach and pet the dog.

An elderly man was singled out for the dog’s particular attention—a gentle nuzzling. From where I stood I could clearly see the effect upon this gent. His heart opened, and a tear came to his eye.

In amazement and gratitude I watched as the circle of love grew around this shining Soul. It made my heart sing, and I gave silent thanks to the ECK, Divine Spirit, for this display of pure and unconditional love in such an unlikely place.

At our stop we left the train, exchanging smiles with the other travelers, and I felt sad to be moving on. Truly, God is love, and hearts can be opened by the most humble of God’s creatures.